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Trade News
  • China paper packaging industry, dare to ask where the road?

    2018/1/16 17:38:28

    In 2015, China's economy and manufacturing industry are in a crucial historical period of comprehensive change, comprehensive cleanup, overall optimization and overall improvement. Packaging and pri...

  • Our paper products machinery industry needs further improvement

    2018/1/16 17:36:00

    With the rapid development of economy and science and technology in our country, the state attaches great importance to the introduction of technology and equipment for paper-making industry and inv...

  • 2017 China's hygiene products inventory

    2018/1/16 17:35:05

    In 2017, the capacity of China's sanitary products market will continue to grow steadily and competition in the market will become more fierce. High-end consumer trends, the full implementation of t...